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Our Story

I am Andrew Ritz, and my family and I lived in the Ocala area and National Forest for several years. I always got frustrated in the lack of options when it comes to quality high speed internet. The major companies out there either didn't care about the small customers or didn't have the interest in expanding their network. I started researching different ways to bring internet to areas where the major companies either didn't care about or thought it would be too hard or impossible to achieve. 

I concluded the only cost effective way to accomplish this is through fixed wireless transmission and in-turn created Central Florida Broadband. After getting the appropriate licenses and insurance we started servicing our neighbors and then started to expand as the requests came in. We have always used State-of-the-Art technology in the wireless industry, to deliver on the promise of high quality and fast internet in the hard to reach areas.


As we continued to grow I retired from my career in Law Enforcement and my wife, Kori, was able to resign from Nursing to help run and continue to build our family business. Kori and I hope to involve our three children in this, keeping this a family run business. We focus on expansion in order to help customers in the same situation we were in. We now service parts of Marion and Levy Counties and maintain the highest ratings among Internet Service Providers on Google in the area. Doing right by the customer, and keeping you number one is our goal. Help us in our mission and join us today!

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